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Winter’s Coming

Two photos from the weeks gone by. Haven’t been very active in running around with the camera but hey, that’s life.


This is Olof, one of the very few neighbors I interact with. He’s by far the most interesting person I’ve met in this neighborhood. He’s from Pajala, way up north, bordering on Finland. He’s very loud when he talks, but he’s also very humble. Every time we meet we end up talking very intensely about a variety of subjects – usually somehow stemming from our shared opinion that this world is in a terrible state of affairs. This was a spontaneous portrait and it’s actually wildly over-exposed due to me not remembering I was in full manual mode and having just stepped into the sunlight. It was saved by the impressive dynamic range of my camera and RAW-photography.


This is 30 seconds of papermill at night. There was a weak wind blowing which made the smoke haze around the structures.

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