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Time for a selfie

Aurelio Voltaire was someone I’ve never heard of, not being into the dark cabaret-style of music he does. When he walked on stage he immediately showed that he loved being on stage and interacting with the crowd. I felt he’d have been better suited to perform in a smaller, more intimate venue since it was just him, an acoustic guitar and his banter and interacting with the crowd, not a big show.

He was funny, very verbal and he seemed genuinely interested in interacting with the crowd. One time for some unknown reason (I couldn’t hear what was said since I had earplugs in) he stopped to let a fan come on stage and snap some selfies with him. Very cool guy and I’m happy I managed to catch that moment.

It was his first time performing in Sweden, but if he comes around again and you have the opportunity to go see him, then do – he did a great show and played some darkly humorous music.


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