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They Made It To The Top

I’ve been having fun with various miniatures I bought at a model-train shop a few months back. The biggest problem have been to get the miniatures standing – they’re designed to be glued in place and the uses I had intended for them didn’t suit to be permanently installed. So I sought out a different method of adhesive that was as stiff but less permanent and glue for fake eyelashes turned out to be the best one. This was my first attempt with the eyelash-glue. I glued one of the miniatures (a couple of hugging hikers) on the top of my girlfriends toe. This is also the debut for my set of macro-extension tubes I bought a while back, I used a 12mm extension to get an even closer focusing distance. This was taken on a overcast day on my balcony so I used an off-camera flash to illuminate the scene. I really like the result!


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