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The Ceremony

Ever since started considering myself a photographer I’ve steadfastly maintained my opinion that I will never be a wedding-photographer. All the things that it seemingly entails when being a wedding-photographer are things that I find deeply distasteful – lack of control over the environment and timing, stressed-out people running amok in some weird mating-ritual, bridezillas demanding absolute control over the end-result without knowledge of the process or art, etc etc.

So far I’ve only made one concession to my stated goal of never having shot a wedding, and that was simply because of the couple being old and dear friends to me, and knowing that it would be a small, understated affair with only a few guests and knowing I would be in creative control of my work.

These are my two favorite shots from the event. The top photo is taken a few seconds after the “I do”-parts in the wedding and this is as candid as it gets. The lower photo is a post-ceremony portrait. It was raining and the couple is standing underneath a red/white awning which added a strange tint to their faces.



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