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Stockholm Pride Parade 2016

I love the Pride Parade in Stockholm. I’ve tried to shoot it every time the last few years. Last year I was too exhausted to do it, but this year I was full of energy and equipped with loads of new gear. I was ready to go to war, metaphorically.

Shooting the parade is very similar to being a war-photographer. At least I imagine it to be. The chaos is deafening and it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with the mayhem. The major difference is that the Pride Parade celebrates diversity and love, rather than creating death and terror as a war would do.

This is a small display of the results. It was a lot of fun, and I’m pleased with how it all turned out. The parade is a fun, exhuberant, lively and chaotic display of diversity and it’s wonderful!

(If you’re the subject of any of these photos and wish to receive a higher-resolution version for personal use, let me know!)

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