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Portrait of a cat

I was shooting a session for my Naked Portraits-series and my cat was being social. When we were finished, I decided to try to take some impromptu portraits of the cat since I already had my gear out and ready.

This cat has lived with me for fourteen years. About a month ago she was diagnosed with tumors in her mammaries and that was when I realized our time together was coming to an end. I’ve decided to try to document our time together – and to try to take portraits of a subject who is epically difficult to take portraits of.

Here, with some slight deception (and candy) I think I managed to take a half-decent studio-style portrait of the little black cat who’ve spent fourteen years in my company, and whom I’ve had the great pleasure of enjoying the company of.

She’s a tricky little madam, with a lot of pecularities as cats tend to have. But I’m going to miss her when she’s gone.


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