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“Oi! Charlie Chaplin!”

Wearing a bowler-hat in Berlin is apparently a great way of getting noticed. I wasn’t really expecting it but everywhere I went I saw people either doing a double-take at the hat or observing me discreetly. The last evening in Berlin, me and my travelmates were looking for a decent place to get dinner; this was a dubious prospect according to the concierge at the hotel. According to her, any decent place would’ve been booked at least two days in advance and we had made no plans whatsoever so the odds were slim.

Thusly, we pounded the pavement looking for some place that seemed decent yet wasn’t packed to the brim. Walking along I suddenly hear someone shouting “Oi! Charlie Chaplin!” from behind me. Turns out it was a bunch of guys from London. I have no idea what they were doing but we chatted briefly. They saw my camera, asked if I was a photographer and then insisted on being photographed. No idea who they were or anything, they were gassed up on german beer and in a good mood. I thought it was hilarious and of course obliged.


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