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Lolly Puff

A while back I was tooling around the old town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, where I spotted this street-mime going by the moniker of Lolly Puff. I found it refreshing that mime wasn’t completely dead, and I enjoyed her style. Basically she stands completely still until someone drops coin in her teapot, after which she dings the bell on her stand and perform various tricks and other goofs. When I say “she stands still” that is literal. I’ve never seen anyone stand as still as she did. I stood in front of her and took this photo, only to realize when I got home that she was looking straight into the camera.

This was originally taken in color, but I turned it into B/W in Lightroom, and for some reason I prefer this version.


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  1. kev 2013/03/07

    i saw her perform in trafalgar square london on october 31st 2012 .her hat got away from her and she did a twirl when i gave it back and out came a lolly for me

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