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Even On a Phone

Phone-cameras have come a long way. Sure, they can’t rival a proper camera, and I’m a little bemused and irritated when people take snapshots with their iPhone and immediately start calling themselves a “photographer” but there’s no denying that camphones can produce surprising results.

My own cellphone is a now going-on seven years old SonyEricsson K750. I have very little interest in replacing it since it performs the two functions I want flawlessly – taking/making calls and sending/receiving texts. I occasionally use it for snapshots when a proper camera is out of reach. Over the years I have occasionally managed to take somewhat decent photos with it. Not because it’s an awesome piece of technology (it isn’t) but rather by dumb luck and fortunate surroundings.

These are all completely unretouched. One probably could post-process the hell out of them, but why? They have a fairly nice lo-fi quality already.

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