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Close-up Of Decay

Back in January, I had problems breathing. Climbing a single flight of stairs felt like scaling Mount Everest. Long story short, the doctors discovered embolisms in my lungs. To me and you, embolisms are blood-clots. Since then I’ve been on a fairly nasty medication where the active ingredient is Warfarin. As the badge says, it reduces the clotting of the blood and according to the doctors, this helped my body dissolve the clots. These days I’m fine and I’m looking forward to doing the six-month checkup in August so maybe I can finally stop this medication.

One of the things is that I have to wear this badge around my neck. The reason is that if I’m in an accident or something, the paramedics will see it and know how to treat any open wounds properly since my blood doesn’t clot as quickly or easily as a normal person. I’ve been wearing this around my neck since January and it’s started to wear in a very interesting pattern. I broke out my set of macro-tubes and got really close and personal with the badge. I used my Yong-Nuo 565EX for light since I shot this at f16. I’m really fascinated by how the surface treatment is really like an extra layer on the metal; you can see the shadows where it has eroded off.

To give you an idea of scale, the badge is almost exactly 2 cm wide.


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