Pile Of Wood

Another random landscape shot with the S1. Yesterday I got my main camera back from service which is nice – a brand new shutter, check&clean and all good to go. This weekend I’ll be trying out what it’s like to shoot concerts and events. Should be interesting.


No Grumpy Mountains

A photo-opportunity appeared while driving home during work earlier today. Nature was just too damn beautiful so I hit the brakes and jumped out of the car. My regular DSLR is in the shop to have it’s shutter replaced so I was rocking my S1. Northern Sweden has some epic sub-arctic vistas, this was literally right next to the road.

The photo has been edited slightly, mostly for contrast and color. I’ve applied distortion correction because as I noted earlier, the S1’s kit-zoom has a fair amount of barrel distortion on the wide end. Still, it’s pretty impressive what the little camera can produce when handled somewhat properly. I don’t consider myself much of a landscape-photographer but on occasion I manage to not completely fall on my ass when shooting a landscape.

(The title is in reference to this comic-strip, which I totally agree with and which makes me laugh every damn time.)