Portrait of a cat

I was shooting a session for my Naked Portraits-series and my cat was being social. When we were finished, I decided to try to take some impromptu portraits of the cat since I already had my gear out and ready.

This cat has lived with me for fourteen years. About a month ago she was diagnosed with tumors in her mammaries and that was when I realized our time together was coming to an end. I’ve decided to try to document our time together – and to try to take portraits of a subject who is epically difficult to take portraits of.

Here, with some slight deception (and candy) I think I managed to take a half-decent studio-style portrait of the little black cat who’ve spent fourteen years in my company, and whom I’ve had the great pleasure of enjoying the company of.

She’s a tricky little madam, with a lot of pecularities as cats tend to have. But I’m going to miss her when she’s gone.


Kids and animals

There’s an old saying in the movie-biz which dictates you should never work with children or animals since they’re unreliable and can’t take instructions well. I’ve had a black lab living with me whenever her owners went travelling and I recently had her staying with me again. I decided to try and capture some photos. Turns out that she’s really great at sitting in one spot, provided you tell her to sit. However she was terrible at remaining motionless or sitting in the assigned spot. I did get some half-decent photos but I guess that animals and kids are still among the more difficult subjects to work with, whether you’re in motion or still photography.



In my dayjob, I drive around a lot. Up here in the north of Sweden herds of reindeer are fairly common. As such, when driving in the countryside, filled with vast forests, it’s not exactly a challenge to find these animals roaming. This might seem like an exotic shot to some but I will happily admit this was shot with a telezoom through the window of the car I was driving. Yes, I did find a parking spot before aiming the camera, but the animals were right next to the road – quite literally. In fact, you have to be watchful for reindeer in the winter and early spring. They often wander up on the road to lick the salt and if you’re not careful you might end up smashing through a bunch of them. Very nasty!

This photo was taken in early February 2014.


Cute Overload

Another attempt at killing you all with kindness. This is another (I think, a few of them looked very alike) member of the cute bunnywabbits I shot photos of a few days back. Enjoy the cuteness. These little creatures are far and away among the most insanely cute things I have taken portraits of.