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Built Like a Tank

I like things that have history. I also like over-engineered things. Thus, this old Nikon F4 is a favorite of mine. It used to belong to my father, but due to various factors he gave away a lot of his old film-equipment a few years ago. Downsizing and getting rid of things that only had nostalgic value. He owned this F4 for almost twenty years of it’s as-of-writing 24 years of existence and it saw a lot of action during that time. It’s a beast, and I guess with this current lens it probably weighs at least 2-3 kilos – not exactly light-weight but he lugged it around everywhere, from the swedish mountains to the deep freeze in the arctic. It’s covered with war-wounds, nicks and scratches but it still functions as if it just rolled off the assembly line in Japan. I love it.

UPDATE: I switched systems from Canon to Nikon in October 2012 and since then I have occasionally used the F4 to shoot old-school film-projects with. The lens on this camera is also now my favorite day-to-day shooter and is always either on the body or in the bag.


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